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Vacuum Metallizing

Vacuum Metallizing Service on Plastic Packaging

Vacuum metallization of bottles, jars and caps

The All In Packaging name stands for high-quality packaging products, innovative packaging solutions, and all-around printing services.

Part of this is our unique metal steaming service, thanks to which we can manufacture glossy or matt, durable, but most of all unique packaging for your products!

By vacuum metalizing cosmetic jars, caps and bottles, we can create an outstanding look for your product that is otherwise hard to get in small quantities on the market.


What is vacuum metallization?

During metal evaporation, metal particles are heated and then stuck to the desired surface by vacuum, so that a high-gloss metal coating of various materials takes place. After cooling down, the applied coating remains as an extremely beautiful, glossy, shiny layer.

To put it very simply, metal steamed surfaces almost look as if they are chromed, only with a different color.


Why choose metal vaporization for your packaging?

By vacuum metalizing the packaging materials, we get a unique look and a bright and shiny end result that helps your products stand out.

Even UV-sensitive materials can be filled into bottles decorated with vacuum metallization, as the surface completely covers the desired packaging.

 In most cases, packaging materials, jars, caps and vials are not produced in such an exclusive and eye-catching look, so most manufacturers won’t even offer products like these, or if they do, they set an extremely high minimum order quantity.

The metal vaporized surface can also be provided with an additional product label or screen and pad printing.



From what number is vacuum metalizing your packaging product worth it?

For vacuum metallization, the minimum order quantity is different for each product. It is reassuring, however, that in contrast to other printing methods, vacuum metallization does not require ordering thousands of products.

Jars, bottles, and caps can be economically vacuum metalized, even when only ordering a few hundred pieces. Additionally, certain items are available even in smaller quantities.

If you already know which packaging product, bottle or cap you want to metalize, ask our team for details with reference to the article number of the product.

We will try our best to complete the task at a personalized, discounted price and with a fast turnaround time.



On what surfaces can you use vacuum metallization?

Vacuum metallization can also be applied to plastics, metal, and glass materials. The bottles, jars, caps and other packaging materials and containers that can be purchased from us are typically made of PET, PP, and PE. These can be vaporized with a durable and extremely high-quality end result. We are constantly testing a variety of materials on how they react to the process, therefore we are constantly expanding the range of materials.

An exception is the HDPE material, which does not result in a nice end result that can easily be taken off, so we do not recommend that one.

Please note: It is important to make a sample printout of the selected packaging item before deciding on metal evaporation. This is the only way to be 100% sure that the actual end result will be high quality and suitable to your needs.

We often conduct the testing process in advance for the products we sell. In the case of a product brought by the customer, it is particularly important to carry out sample preparations.

 Achieving the right result can also be influenced by the surface treatment of the selected material and the evenness of the surface. 


What are the most typical colors?

 Our customers are looking for a large variety of colors, mainly gold, silver, bronze and metallic. In addition to that, we offer more than 10 colors to choose from. We can also make matt colors.