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1. What does MOQ mean?

"MOQ" stands for Minimum Order Quantity. This is the minimum amount you must order in order to acquire a product that is out of stock. 

2. What's the MOQ of this product?

The MOQ for our wholesale items are displayed on the webpage. If you cannot see this, please contact us, and a sales representive will be happy to help. The MOQ varies for each product. Meanwhile, the products that are in stock have no MOQ - this means you can order your desired quantity respective of the stock available. 

3. Are the MOQs the same for every product?

The MOQ varies for each product. Meanwhile, the products that are in stock have no MOQ - this means you can order your desired quantity respective of the stock available. 

4. Can I order below the MOQ?

If a product has a Minimum Order Quantity, any amount below this quantity cannot be ordered. If you're interested in smaller amounts, take a look at the products we have in stock. 

5. Can I still buy the product if it runs out of stock?

Absolutely! Once the product has run out of stock, you will be able to order it again. Please speak to our sales representatives for more information!

6. Do you provide samples?

In most cases yes. You may find the „request sample” button on the product page. Three samples will be for free (1pcs/product up to 3 different products) (please see the exceptions below), any amount above this is charged per piece. The customer needs to pay for the shipping costs only. When ordering samples from products belonging to certain product categories, the system will charge the cost of the sample. Exceptions are: Raw Materials, Food Packaging, Gallon Pump, Fragrance, Eco-Friendly Packaging, Cosmetic Raw Materials, Cosmetic Accessories, Plastic Box, Pouches. In most cases these products are available in bags which contains min. 50 pcs or 100 pcs of products. If you would like 1 sample piece of a product from the product categories mentioned above, please indicate it in the comments field when ordering or contact our sales team.

7. How can I order a sample?

You will be able to order samples directly from our website. Simply click "sample request" which is located underneath the "order" button. Alternatively, simply add 1 unit to your basket and proceed to the checkout.

8. Do you have a brochure/catalogue?

Currently we do not have a brochure or catalogue, however our entire portfolio can be seen on the All In Packaging webshop.

9. How can I order an item that isn't in stock?

You can still order items that are not in stock, and these products would have an MOQ. Please contact a sales person for more information. 

10. How can I order smaller quantities if it's only available in wholesale?

If the said item is wholesale only, we are not able to offer smaller quantities of this product. Since the variety of our products expands continuously, in most cases we can recommend you similar, substitute products. From these, you would be able to order your desired quantities. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

11. Do your bottles come with caps?

Unless it's a "SET", our bottles will not come together with the caps. We give our customers the opportunity to develop their own brand by selecting the products to match the style they are seeking.

12. What do the codes in the description, such as 24/410, mean?

The codes in the description are not the codes of the product. These are the measurements for the neck of a bottle or cap. In this case, 24 would refer to the diameter in millimetres, whilst 410 would refer to the length of the thread.

13. Is this item available in another size or colour?

Often our items are available in alternative sizes or colours. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

14. Are your products already sterilised?

Our products are not sterilised, and this is the responsibility of the consumer.

15. Are your products suitable for food?

We provide a range of products, many of which are ideal for food. If you are not sure whether or not the items you're interested are suitable for food products, please contact us and we can check for you.

16. Do you have a technical data sheet or technical drawing for your products?

We are able to provide a technical data sheet or drawing for most of our products, please contact us for more information. 

17. I'm searching for a product which you do not have in your webshop, can you source something?

If you're seeking an item in large quantities which we currently do not provide, please send us a product specification and we will try and source something. 

18. Can I order over the phone?

Although we can assist you over the telephone, we are not able to accept orders or payments this way. Please send us an email, and our sales representatives will generate a proforma invoice for you.

19. What are your payment methods?

We have 3 payment options: bank transfer, wire card and PayPal.

20. Do you offer one day delivery?

There is a possibility for one-day delivery. This would depend on if we have the items in stock, and the quantity that is required. Please contact our sales team for more information. 

21. What are the lead times for your products?

If the products are in stock, you will receive the items within a few days. Please check the following link for more information: Shipping info. Meanwhile, with regards to wholesale items that are not in stock, the lead times vary - please contact us for more information quoting the product codes of the items you're interested in.

22. How can I make sure that a cap is compatible with a bottle?

When selecting items from our webshop, simply match the neck sizes for the bottle and cap. For instance is a bottle has a neck size of 18/410, you will need a cap that is 18/410 - the filters on our webshop are designed to help you find the compatible products.  If you're ordering a closure for bottles that you already own and are unsure of what size is required, simply use a ruler to measure the neck of the bottle. 

23. Do you offer discounts?

We frequently have special discounts throughout the year. Those who have subscribed to our newsletter have access to discount codes regularly. Why not subscribe? You can subscribe by clicking this link: Newsletter subscription

24. What does “surplus product” mean?

The "Surplus" products also known as "run-off" products have special prices because of stock clearance. If they run out of stock, they will probably not be ordered in the future. If you are interested in this kind of product, please contact our sales person.

25. What does it mean “FBOG” in a product’s name?

The length of the dip tube is determined FBOG (From the Bottom Of Gasket), in millimeters. FBOG dip tube length can be calculated from the entire height of the bottle if the customer doesn’t/can’t provide dip tube length but the used bottle (or its exact size) is available. Calculated: Full bottle (from bottom to the top of neck) + 5 mm.

26. Dip tube cutting and delivery times for the purchase of sets?

When you buy a set, you can be sure that the paired products will be perfectly compatible with each other.

If you choose a set with a dispenser (pump, sprayer or trigger sprayer), the dip tube length will be compatible with the length of the bottle. In order to provide the dispenser in the set with a perfectly matching dip tube, we always cut the length of the dip tube to the size of the ordered bottle. This is ensured by our dip tube cutting service at no extra cost. In most cases, especially for smaller quantities, this does not lead to an increase in delivery time. However, in the case of larger quantities e.g.: order of thousands of pieces, dip tube cutting is more time-consuming, which means that a longer (1-2 weeks) production and delivery time must be calculated.