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Odkryj All In Packaging

What’s All In Packaging about?

All In Packaging (AIP) is a marketplace for packaging products offering thousands of items in one place.

Why is All In Packaging different?

It’s not just a website but a network of real-life companies in many countries, with extensive stock, great customer support and all the services of a traditional supplier like financing, logistics, long-term supply, etc.

Why should I choose All In Packaging?

The short answer is: because it’s better!

The longer answer: You can get just about any packaging you need from one place with favourable conditions and local customer support in many countries. Be either a large manufacturer or a small producer of hand-made products, All In packaging offers the right solutions for you with thousands of products and services, quantity discounts and quick shipping. Our goal is to be the best source for any packaging in any country.

How do you operate?

Our main company is in the United Kingdom but to be able to offer you good prices with a cost-effective background, most of our operations, logistics and customer support is in Hungary. We also have local offices, partner companies or local representatives in many countries. We aim to cover most countries with local support to offer the best service.

I’d like to get more information!

All In Packaging solutions for buyers

For small-quantity buyers

If you need smaller quantities than you are just at the right place! You can choose from a very wide range of stock products and order any number, even a few pieces, order and pay online with your credit card or Paypal account and get it shipped to your address within 72 hours.

Sounds great, isn’t it? There’s only one small catch: you can only choose from our stock products, but due to the wide range that’s not such a big burden.

Why can’t I choose anything?

Unfortunately there are considerable minimum order quantities for custom orders because of some fixed costs of the manufacturing. We can avoid this by stocking products, but if you want something badly what’s not on stock you will have to order the minimum order quantity. It may be a bit flexible and we may have other inquiries with which we can combine your order but generally if the MOQ is 10.000 pcs for example and we have no stock we surely won’t be able to ship you 500 pcs.

For wholesale buyers

With huge range of products from many manufacturers and additional services All In Packaging gives you the opportunity to simplify your procurement. You can get all the packaging you need from one supplier and also have your product labelled, filled and shipped.

What about the pricing?

For bulk orders we always give very favourable individual quotes. Quantity, shipping terms, payment terms and other factors influence the pricing. On our websites you can see prices, usually for orders below 5.000 pcs. Please bear in mind that those prices are only valid for small orders and are usually significantly higher than our wholesale prices.

What if I can’t find what I need in your portfolio?

The All In Packaging websites only list our standard products. Although thousands of standard products are listed here they are still only a fraction of endless possibilities. With over 15 years of experience in creating packaging solutions and many satisfied customers we can honestly say that with our partner network we can solve just about any packaging problem be it a simple one or a very unique idea.

What services do you offer?

We aim to give you completely turn-key solutions from packaging design through manufacturing to filling and labelling. It’s enough if you just have an idea, we can get you to the finished product and help you with all steps.

All In Packaging solutions for suppliers

For manufacturers

With All In Packaging you can easily reach thousands of packaging buyers in many countries, present your products on many websites and sell to customers with local customer support without the hassle of building your own sales network.

Reach new buyers

Just upload your products to All In Packaging and start receiving new orders. Uploading products to the platform is very simple and after a quick review process they will become visible on the All In Packaging websites.

Reach small-quantity buyers

Small-quantity buyers require different attention. Unlike with bulk orders you would need to serve many small orders instantly as starting a production for few hundred pieces is never an option. With our automated e-commerce platform and logistics experience it becomes easier. You can just place a small consignment stock in our warehouse and start selling to smaller customers.

Display your own stock and sell surplus

Sometimes you may find yourself with surplus stock in your warehouse but there are also customers who need prompt delivery. Our platform is a great way to match this demand and supply. You can easily display your stock levels and keep them updated.

For manufacturers

If you produce variations of one packaging component like plastic bottles, you could add closures and dispensers to your portfolio and generate more revenue by offering complete solutions to your customers.

How can I do that?

Using the All In Packaging platform we can integrate a new section to your website where your customers can browse the whole additional portfolio together with your own products. They will also be able to order these products online.

What about my competitors’ products?

In your product categories only your own products will be displayed and you can even select which additional products you want to offer. The whole content and portfolio of an AIP website can be fully customized to best serve your business goals.

For distributors

Extend your portfolio with thousands of packaging products, start utilizing e-commerce in your business and use all the advantages of an international network.

You may already know how hard it is to build a reliable network of manufacturers to be able to offer a wide range to your customers and have the best chance to serve their every need. Building a webshop and successfully using the internet in your business can be just as hard.

With All In Packaging you can have both easily and also enjoy other advantages of the network like better procurement options due to the bigger quantities. We work hard to continually make both parts better. Our marketing and development team adds new functions to the platform and improves the existing ones day-by-day. If you have new ideas to make it better just let us know and you may see them implemented in a few days. Similarly with procurement we work with many suppliers and look for new products and suppliers continuously. We do our best to have the best products from the best suppliers for the best terms in the AIP portfolio.

For service providers

If you provide packaging-related services like filling, labeling, design etc. you can grab a great opportunity by offering packaging products to your customers and help them get complete solutions from the supplier they are already familiar with.

I don’t know enough about packaging, how will I serve the customers?

You don’t have to be a packaging expert, we provide all the support. You can forward all questions and inquiries to our team and get back professional answers quickly.