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Box Production - Cardboard Boxes

Box Production - Cardboard Boxes - Custom-made Boxes


From design to production, in whatever size and quantity you need, custom-made cardboard boxes for product packaging are now available in our sortiment. We will guide you through the whole design and production process with attention paid to each detail.


Should you request a quote, we will carry out an exact assessment of your needs, in which the dimensions of the desired box (depth, width, height), your product, and your needs are  focused on. At this point, it is advisable to determine the design and the shape (eg.: folding carton, paper box, etc.) to decide whether you need graphic design or special surface treatment (UV, hot stamp, cold foil, gloss or matt finish etc.) will be required.



For custom-sized boxes, our quote includes all the additional costs itemised, such as the cost of the die-cutting tool. There are similar and often sought-after boxes, so if you need a box in a size where we already have the appropriate die-cutting tool, you don't need to pay for the die-cutting tool production, so there's no additional cost to the price of the boxes.


Why is it good to offer your product in a unique box?

Because it is practical, and there are  many added benefits from safer transport, to easier logistics and storage, as well as utilizing the marketing possibilities of the box surface. A high-quality box with the right graphics, plus extra information on it, multiplies your chance of getting your product off the shelf.



Boxes are ideal for

- cosmetics,

- perfumes,

- creams,

- medicines,

- nutritional supplements,

- household-chemicals.


We produce boxes in unique sizes, in even small quantities at a favorable price.



If you want to ask for a quote, you are in the best place!

Remember to share the following information with us so we can provide you with the most accurate offer possible:

- How many boxes you need.

- The depth, width, and height of the desired box as well as the weight of the product to be placed in the box.

- Do you have ready graphics, or you would like us to make them for you?

- If you have an existing graphic file or idea, be sure to let us know!


Contact us with confidence!



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